Dance Parties

Our party host will start with a warm up and lots of dance games to get everyone involved and feeling energised.

She will choreograph a super cool dance to make you look and feel just like a pop star, a beautiful ballerina or top cheerleader.

You get to choose your favourite song prior to the party, which will be the dance taught on the day ready for your big performance.

There will be a break half way through, as all dancers need an energy boost.

Once you are nice and full and we have sung Happy Birthday to the birthday child, we will continue with dance games and perfecting the moves before our big finale performance.

The Dance Parties include (can be customed to suit your requirements)

  • Warm up
  • Learn the moves section
  • Put the dance together
  • Choose your favourite songs
  • Pop star party games
  • Dance like a pop star
  • Perform your dance at the end
  • Prizes and sweets
  • And much more...

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